Why Clean Grease Traps?

If you’re a UCO company, adding grease trap service can raise your profits

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The Perks of Grease Trap Maintenance

Maintaining grease traps is the next logical step for used cooking oil collectors to expand profits.

Low Start-Up Cost

You’ve already got the equipment

Consistent Revenue

Market fluctuations have little impact

Meet New Clients

A foot in the door when you need it

Low Start-up Cost

You’ve got nearly everything you need to provide grease trap maintenance. Reiter Software can even integrate grease trap stops into your collection route to maximize efficiency.

Consistent Revenue

The price of used cooking oil rises and falls according to a variety of market factors. Reiter Trading can help make sure you always get the best price for your oil, but having another revenue stream can act as a powerful buffer against the ebbs and flows of the biodiesel market.

Plus, you’ll be ready to start collecting trap brown grease, adding yet another profit stream.

Meet New Clients

Already have a sales team for used cooking oil clients? Great, these same experts can recruit grease trap clients. Better yet, offering the services offers a powerful foot in the door. Many collectors say that once they provide a grease trap service for a kitchen, that customer quickly becomes a used cooking oil client as well.

Ready to Start Providing Grease Trap Service?

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