Want to Start a Used Cooking Oil Recycling Business?

Build it right from the start with consulting from Reiter. With decades of experience, we’ll help you set your company up for success and guide you every step of the way as you grow.

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Reiter Offers Solutions to Start and Build Your Used Cooking Oil Recycling Company

Reiter Consulting has helped launch and build used cooking oil recycling companies all across the country for decades. Skip the trial and error. Skip the learning curve. Let Reiter’s years of expertise expedite your company’s growth. Get it right, right away. We’ll help with:


We’ll help you find and build the right site to start your business.

Cash Flow

We can help you budget and find investors.


We can help you purchase the right equipment at the right price.

where to start used cooking oil collection company


The first thing you need to start a successful used cooking oil company is a place to do it. A lot goes in to choosing the right equipment and storage facility. Trucks, pumps and storage are critical for your UCO business to succeed.

Reiter Scientific Consulting will help you with:

  • Finding, purchasing and outfitting the right trucks
  • Designing and building a storage facility
  • Ensuring your trucks, equipment and facility comply with all regulations
stack of hundred dollar bills

Cash Flow

You’ll need financing to get your used cooking oil collection company up and running. And you’ll need to find a buyer that’ll give you the best price for your used cooking oil to keep the cash flowing.

Reiter Scientific Consulting Can Help With:

  • Financing trucks, tanks, pumps and equipment.
  • Leasing and designing a facility to store your UCO
  • Sell your oil through our trading arm, Reiter Trading, to guarantee the best deal.
used cooking oil equipment


Reiter helps you find the right equipment to fit the task of rendering your oil. From trucks to hoses and gauges, Reiter will help you find and set up the tools to keep your business running smoothly.

Reiter Consulting can help with:

  • Locating quality new or used equipment to maximize cashflow and ensure success
  • Developing protocols that ensure your grease is processed as efficiently as possible.

Already have a UCO company?

You’re not starting a used cooking oil recycling company from scratch. Reiter Scientific Consulting can help your business operate more efficiently, increasing revenue and profits.

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