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Trap Brown Grease Collection

Trap Brown Grease (TBG) is a sub-type of a broad category of feedstock known as “Brown Grease.”

Our consultants would love to take the time to understand your local situation and help you choose the most cost effective process for MAXIMIZING Trap Brown Grease Revenue, and MINIMIZING Water Disposal Costs.

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Brown Grease Rendering

Trap Brown Grease is generated by the capture and rendering of Fats and Oils from underground and under-sink Grease Traps and Grease Interceptors. Generally, a grease-interceptor will contain 1-5% renderable fats and oils, with an average usually being in the 2-3% range.

Brown Grease Trading

When fat and oil prices are high, or FOG/Water disposal charges are high, it can make Dollars and Sense to invest in Trap Brown Grease (TBG) rendering and Waste Water Purification processes. After such an investment, the TBD is rendered and Sold, and the remaining waste is “cleaned up” and ready for lower cost disposal or land application.

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