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Reiter Can Help You Collect Trap Brown Grease

For decades, Reiter Consulting has helped launch and grow UCO and trap brown grease companies all across the country. Let Reiter’s years of expertise expedite your company’s growth. We know how to increase efficiency and minimize waste. We’ll help with:

Facilities & Equipment

Modify your existing structure & technique.


Make a budget. Get funding.


Software & operations maximize cost-effectiveness

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Facilities for processing trap brown grease are similar, but not identical, to the facilities needed for UCO. Trap brown grease is 97% waste and 3% sellable grease.

Reiter Scientific Consulting Can Help You:

  • Modify your UCO facility and create a processing stream for brown grease
  • Setup a wastewater disposal process to avoid the cost of carting your wastewater to a treatment plant.
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Seamlessly integrate your trap brown grease business into your UCO business.

Reiter Scientific Consulting can help you:

  • Setup your most efficient refinement process
  • Find the best price for your oil
  • Integrate your trap brown grease stops into your current routes with efficient route mapping software.
  • Forecast and budget, so you can stay on top of your cash-flow

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