Biodiesel Industry Consulting Services

C-Suite and Investor Services

The difference between a multi-million dollar loss, and a multi-million dollar gain, is sometimes just a little experience and objective advice.

Our team NEVER encourages investment in projects that we do not believe can succeed. We view our No. 1 priority as protecting investor capital.

Services most often provided to C-Suite and Institution Clients includes Feasibility Analysis and General Consulting.

Technology Selection

The selection of process technology is a key driver in determining what feed-stocks can be processed into bio-fuel, and at what cost.

Reiter specializes in providing objective advice to biodiesel companies regarding technology selection. Whether your goal is to product fuel from virgin feed-stocks, or high FFA brown grease or distillate materials, we can help you weight the benefits and drawbacks of available process technologies.

biodiesel production facility


Location and multi-modal logistics chains matter to the bottom line. Let our feed-stock and bio-fuel trading expertise help you select the best site for your new operation.

Biodiesel Production Equipment Design

Finding multi-feedstock biodiesel production equipment that produces a consistent product can be a challenge. From 2007 thru 2010, RSC was intimately involved in the retrofitting and debugging of multiple “off the shelf” production platforms to allow for production of consistent quality fuel from lower quality (non-virgin) feedstocks. In addition to work done for our clients, we have invested a good amount of time and money into the testing of various second generation biodiesel catalysts. Since 2010, we have stayed involved in the equipment industry primarily as consultants to biodiesel producers and biodiesel production equipment manufacturers.

We Produce Results

Reiter Scientific can help you get more for less: better quality product, faster innovation, lower expenses, and less waste. We love solving tough problems and dialing in technical details, so you can devote your company’s resources toward real growth. Contact us today to learn how we can help!

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