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Used Cooking Oil (UCO) Collection and Rendering

Today’s UCO Collection industry requires tenacity, strategy, and efficiency.

The demonstrable success our our clients clearly demonstrates that the time tested strategies, facility designs, and collection optimization software we offer allow dynamic leaders to introduce tools to their company that facilitate growth, accountability, and regulatory compliance.

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Trap Brown Grease Rendering and Waste-water Processing

Grease Trap pumping is a great stand alone service, or add on sale. However to operate at a profit the local conditions (disposal) must be considered, or built.

Our team can apply a analytical perspective to the costs and benefits associated with processing improvement (grease capture, water purification) investments.

restaurant grease trap filled with grease

Biodiesel Production

Since the late days of the Bush Sr. administration, to today’s California LCFS driven market, we’ve been helping producers navigate the biodiesel industry’s challenges for over a decade.

Our team is experienced in both traditional first and second generation (low, and moderate FFA) production processes, as well as novel methods currently being scaled-up designed for higher FFA materials.

Let our experience ensure that you are on the path to success, with a balanced approach to feed-stock, quality, and technology risk/reward scenarios.

Start-Up Consulting


Poor planning yields poor results…in the long-term. Our team can help you avoid growth inhibiting mistakes such as process bottlenecks, funding shortfalls, and inefficient operating and sales processes. With over 10 years of experience designing UCO processing facilities and coaching UCO entrepreneurs, we help you to perform at your best by insuring that your limited time and resources are directed in the most impactful and efficient ways possible.

Site Selection

Choosing the right location to build a Used Cooking Oil recycling facility can be a challenge; while choosing the wrong location can cost you money for years to come. Let our team’s experience in the industry (consulting, trading, compliance) help you chose a location that balances financial prudence with a long-term strategic visions that takes into account both internal grown and external market factors.

Facility Design

The elegance of a simple yet well designed facility can be seen in the daily operations of the facility. We keep our designs as clean and simple as the situation allows as to reduce both cost and failure points; WITHOUT sacrificing capability. Our team will look at your business model, growth forecast, and budget to build a facility plan that both satisfies your Day-1 needs and the need to efficiently expand over time.


No start up is complete without needing to convince regulators (planning, environmental, fire) to convince them that you will be a responsible member of the local business community. While you may often feel “guilty until proven innocent” during early stages of permitting, our consultants stand ready to assuage the concerns of regulators with our intrinsically safe designs and industry specific experience.

Operations Software

Operations software is a must-have for your business. UCO and grease trapper software will not only keep all your records organized and secure, it’ll help your company run efficiently, allowing you to grow. The best time to get started is now. Optimize your routes and operations away. You’ll be glad you did it sooner rather than later. Learn more at ReiterSoftware.com.


Web and Marketing Services

Reiter Scientific can set you up with a digital marketing firm that doesn’t just specialize in website content and advertising but has a proven track record of helping UCO companies grow.

Bulk Oil Trading Service

We’ll facilitate trading with reliable partners that pay the right prices.

We Produce Results

Reiter Scientific can help you get more for less: better quality product, faster innovation, lower expenses, and less waste. We love solving tough problems and dialing in technical details, so you can devote your company’s resources toward real growth. Contact us today to learn how we can help!

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